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Backscatter X-Ray and Millimeter Wave Full Body Scanning Machines
Backscatter radar image showing
            intimate detailFull-body scan image of a manScan of a

TSA to remove controversial X-ray scanners
Associated Press, Jan 18, 2013 5:44 PM EST

Major Airports to Remove Invasive X-ray, Body Scanners
Published: Tuesday, 23 Oct 2012 | 2:28 PM ET
(By June 2013?)

The answer:  Just stop flying until the airlines get the message, and demand some sanity from the TSA.
They're preparing this for you, not the other guy.

The only way to remove these invasive "backscatter X-ray" machines from the world's airports is by refusing to fly to or from an airport that has them.  Market forces
will prevail. There must be a better way!

It should be noted that the explosive used in the attempted bombing of Northwest flight 253 on December 25, 2009, pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN), would not have been detected by this full-body backscatter X-Ray and "millimeter-wave screening".  Depending on this intrusive, invasive, unnecessary invasion of privacy is putting air travelers at risk.  There are better methods to protect the public, such as the politically incorrect practice of profiling.  When will people realize how high the cost of political correctness is?  The terrorists have won.  They have manipulated us into making our lives hell.

I started flying on business trips in 1987.  How things have changed.  Back then, and all the way through the 90's, I routinely carried a small bag of tools with me.  No problem if the pilot said OK. That's all it took.  For all the "security" measured being imposed on us, are really any safer?  When will common sense prevail?

A better way? The Israeli airline El Al, has developed a very successful program in which passengers are observed, profiled, and most importantly, questioned before boarding planes.  TSA created a program known as SPOT (Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques) that was supposed to be like El Al's. In the TSA program, it has hired what it calls behavior detection officers, who are to notice passengers who acted suspiciously. As of November 2010, TSA employs about 3,000 "behavior detection officers", stationed at about 160 airports across the US. The TSA is relies more on passenger humiliation than on practices that are proven staples of airport security. A General Accountability Office (GAO) study found that TSA "deployed SPOT nationwide without first validating the scientific basis for identifying suspicious passengers in an airport environment." Rep. John Mica (R), one of the authors of the original bill
that created the TSA is quoted as saying, "It's not an Israeli model, it's a TSA, screwed-up model. It should actually be the person who's looking at the ticket and talking to the individual. Instead, they've hired people to stand around and observe, which is a bastardization of what should be done." Mica has also noted that the GAO  "discovered that since the program's inception, at least 17 known terrorists ... have flown on 24 different occasions, passing through security at eight SPOT airports."

Recently, the media machine has sputtered to life, and are now insisting that air passengers don't mind the invasive body searches and peep show machines.

The Purpose of the Enhanced "Patdowns"

The TSA has adopted the intrusive, humiliating "pat-down" procedures, and has allowed all the pictures, public viewings, and media coverage in order to steer people into using full-body scanners-- where the the TSA agents can view the passenger's private parts, measure sizes, and save pictures they like.  I can hear you yelling, "They can't save pictures!"  Yeah, right.  What if, for instance, they were to see a bomb strapped to someone's yingyang, don't you think they would have some way of saving that picture?  And if they can save that picture, couldn't the TSA agent save any other image they chose to?  What's to stop them, self-policing? Who's watching the watchers?

By the way, did you know that the TSA workers are soon going to be unionized?  (As of November 13, 2010) Any expansion of the use of TSA agents and full body imaging machines would certainly please the union bosses as it would increase the dues going to the union coffers.

List of Airports known to be using backscatter X-ray

(NOTE:  If you know of other airports, courts, stadiums, or other public buildings using this invasive, de-humanizing, invountary electronic strip search technology, please send a note to perpetualcommotion d0t com at gmail)

    1.  Amsterdam Schiphol

U.K. (1)
    1.  London Heathrow

U.S.A. (29) (Machines made by L-3 Comm. Holdings)
    1.   Albuquerque (Primary screening, L-3 Comm. Holdings Inc.)
    2.   Las Vegas McCarran (Primary screening)
    3.   Miami (Primary screening)
    4.   San Francisco (Primary screening)
    5.   Salt Lake City (Primary screening)
    6.   Tulsa OK (Primary screening)
    7.   Atlanta (Secondary screening)
    8.   Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport
    9.   Chicago O'Hare (Secondary screening, coming Q1 2010, initially in terminals
         served by United Airlines and American Airlines as well as in the international

    10.  Dallas/Fort Worth (Secondary screening)
    11.  Denver (Secondary screening)
    12.  Detroit (Secondary screening)
    13.  Indianapolis (Secondary screening)
    14.  Jacksonville (Secondary screening)
    15.  Los Angeles (Secondary screening)
    16.  Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (Secondary screening)
    17.  Raleigh-Durham (Secondary screening)
    18   Richmond, VA (Secondary screening)
    19.  Tampa (Secondary screening)
    20.  Washington Reagan National (Secondary screening)
    21.  Boston Logan
    22.  Kansas City
    23.  San Jose
    24.  Oakland
    25.  Cincinatti
    26.  Columbus (Port Columbus)
    27.  San Diego
    28.  Fort Lauderdale
    29.  Charlotte Douglas

"Primary screening" means passengers go through the scans instead of a metal detector.
"Secondary screening" means it is used for passengers who set off a metal detector

Note:   2009 12 29 It is reported that 150 more are "on order" for U.S. airports, and 300 additional
        units may be purchased in 2010.

Update: 2009 10 02 The T.S.A. reports that there are 317 of the "advanced imaging technology"
        machines now in use at 65 airports around the country.  About 500 should be online by
        the end of the year, the agency said, and another 500 are expected to be installed next
        year. Ultimately, the agency plans to have the new machines replace metal detectors at
        all of the roughly 2,000 airport checkpoints.  So, it seems that they will be unavoidable,
        unless you "opt out" of traveling by air!

Body-scanning machines show images of people underneath their clothing are being installed in airports, rail stations, arenas, office buildings, courthouses, jails, embassies, as well as overseas border crossings, military checkpoints. The Transportation Security Administration initially called these “whole-body imagers” but has now labeled them “advanced imaging technology” units, AIT scanners -- also known as "nude body" or "whole body" scanners. Critics, of course, call them "strip-search machines", "naked scanner" machines, "virtual strip search", "porno-scanners" and "gropers." Physical groping by TSA agents during a pat down if one opts out of going through a
whole-body imager does not add to passenger contentment

The scanners bounce millimeter wave radio frequency energy (similar to that used in microwave ovens) off passengers to reveal intimate body parts.  The images are detailed, clearly showing a person's gender. "You can actually see the sweat on someone's back."

However, it is not clear if the scanners can see through plastic or rubber materials that resemble skin, so their purpose of spotting plastic and ceramic weapons and explosives could be defeated by wrapping very common materials that would effectively obscure details.

Wikipedia entry for "Full body scanner"

Other lists: (I do not know the sources for the information)

See the table in this article:
Where are the scanners? Scanner deployment

Big Brother Watch Airports with body scanners
(from June 15, 2010)
Abuja Airport, Nigeria (ABV)
Albuquerque International Airport (ABQ)
Amsterdam-Schipol Airport (AMS)
Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport (ATL)
Baltimore-Washington International (BWI)
Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)
Calgary Airport (YYC)
Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT)
Chicago-O'Hare Airport (ORD)
Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG)
Cleveland Airport (CLE)
Corpus Christi International Airport (CRP)
Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport (DFW)
Delhi International Airport (DEL)Denver International Airport (DEN)
Detroit Metro Wayne County Airport (DTW)
Edmonton International Airport (YEG)
El Paso Airport (ELP)
Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL)
Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA)
George Bush Houston Airport (IAH)
Gimpo Airport, South Korea (GMP) (To be installed)
Gimhae Airport, South Korea (PUS) (To be installed)
Glasgow Airport (GLD)
Greater Moncton International Airport (GMIA)
Indianapolis International Airport (IND)
Halifax Airport, Canada (YHZ)
Incheon Airport, South Korea (INC) (To be installed)
Jacksonville International Airport (JAX)
Jeju Airport, South Korea (CJU) (To be installed)
John F. Kennedy International Airport New York City (JFK)
Kansas City International Airport (MCI)
Kano Airport, Nigeria (KAN)
Kelowna Airport, Canada (YLW)
Lagos Airport, Nigeria (LOS)
Las Vegas-McCarran Airport (LAS)
London Gatwick Airport (LGW)
London-Heathrow Airport (STN)
London Luton Airport (LTN)
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
Manchester Airport (MAN)
Miami International Airport (MIA)
Mailan Malpensa Airport (MXP)
Melbourne Airport (MEL) (conducted a trial)
Minnesota Saint Paul International Airport (MSP)
Minnesota San José International Airport (SJC)
Montreal Trudeau Airport (YUL)
Moscow Domodedovo (DME)  (in use for three years)
Narita International Airport, Japan (NRT) (To be installed)
Oakland International Airport (OAK) (To be installed)
Omaha Airport (OMA)
Ottawa Airport (YOW)
Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG)
Paris - Orly Airport (ORY)
Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX)
Port Columbus International Airport (CMH)
Port Harcourt Airport, Nigeria (PHC)
Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU)
Regina Airport, Canada (YQR)
Richmond International Airport (RIC)
Rome-Leonardo da Vinci/Fiumicino (FCO)
Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)
San Diego International (SAN) (To be installed)
San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
San Jose International Airport (SJC)
Tampa International Airport (TPA)
Toronto Pearson International (YYZ)
Tulsa International Airport (TUL)
Vancouver International (YVR)
Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE)
Washington DC's Reagan National (DCA)
Winnipeg Airport (YWG)

Transportation Security Administration
from the Frequently Asked Questions page (as of November 15, 2010)

Q. Where are imaging technology machines located?
A. Currently, there are 317 advanced imaging technology machines located at 65 airports nationwide. Airports that have the technology include the following.

Airports who currently have imaging technology:

    * Albuquerque International Sunport Airport
    * Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport
    * Boise Airport
    * Boston Logan International Airport
    * Bradley International Airport
    * Brownsville/South Padre Island International Airport
    * Buffalo Niagara International Airport
    * Bush Houston Intercontinental Airport
    * Charlotte Douglas International Airport
    * Chicago O'Hare International Airport
    * Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
    * Cleveland International Airport
    * Corpus Christi International Airport
    * Denver International Airport
    * Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
    * Detroit Metro Airport
    * El Paso International Airport
    * Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport
    * Fort Wayne International Airport
    * Fresno Air Terminal
    * Gerald R. Ford Grand Rapids International Airport
    * General Mitchell Milwaukee International Airport
    * Greater Rochester International Airport
    * Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport
    * Harlingen/Valley International Airport
    * Harrisburg International Airport
    * Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
    * Honolulu International Airport
    * Indianapolis International Airport
    * Jacksonville International Airport
    * John F. Kennedy International Airport
    * Kansas City International Airport
    * Lambert/St. Louis International Airport
    * Laredo International Airport
    * Lihue Airport
    * Los Angeles International Airport
    * Louis Armstrong New Orleans International
    * Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport
    * McAllen Miller Airport
    * McCarran International Airport
    * Memphis International Airport
    * Miami International Airport
    * Mineta San José International Airport
    * Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport
    * Nashville International Airport
    * Oakland International Airport
    * Omaha Eppley Airfield Airport
    * Orlando International Airport
    * Palm Beach International Airport
    * Philadelphia International Airport
    * Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
    * Pittsburgh International Airport
    * Port Columbus International Airport
    * Raleigh-Durham International Airport
    * Richmond International Airport
    * Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
    * Salt Lake City International Airport
    * San Antonio International Airport
    * San Francisco International Airport
    * San Jose International Airprot
    * Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
    * Spokane International Airport
    * T. F. Green International Airport
    * Tampa International Airport
    * Tulsa International Airport

Airports receiving imaging technology soon:

    * Chicago Midway International Airport
    * Dulles International Airport
    * Houston William P. Hobby Airport
    * La Guardia International Airport
    * Saipan International Airport

    Rapiscan Systems, Rapiscan Security Products, a unit of OSI Systems
    AS&E (American Science and Engineering, Inc.) Z® Backscatter X-ray
    Smiths Group PLC
    Safran SA
    L-3 Communications Holdings Inc
Trade names:
Z® Backscatter X-ray
Homeland Security Secretary: Janet Napolitano

Transportation Security Administration (TSA):
Employees: 67,000
Administrator: John Pistole


ABC News
Oct. 28, 2010 Pat Down or Full Body Scan? Security Gets More Personal at Airports
11/20/2010 Woman on TSA patdowns: 'I feel molested'
Woman says granddaughter mortified seeing pat down
Nov. 22, 2010 TSA Pat Down Went Too Far, Agency Chief Says
Nov. 22, 2010 White House: Terrorists Have Discussed Use of Prosthetics to Conceal Explosives
Nov. 23, 2010 A Thanksgiving Nightmare for Holiday Travelers From Coast-to-Coast Phoenix, AZ
Wednesday, November 10, 2010 Flight attendants union upset over new pat-down procedures

ABC Local
KGO-TV San Francisco, CA
Tuesday, November 16, 2010 DA promises to prosecute overly touchy pat downs

Nov 15th 2010 What Happens if You Decline a Full Body Scan?

Associated Press
January 8, 2010 Paris airport to try scanners on US-bound flights
February 22, 2010 Paris airport starts using full-body scanner
November 18, 2010 Airports consider congressman's call to ditch TSA (via Google)
13 November 2010 TSA encounter at SAN
John Tyner, the software engineer ejected from the San Diego airport after being threatened with a fine and lawsuit for refusing a groin check after turning down a full-body scan.

Dec. 29, 2009 Calls for Full-Body Screening Devices Grow After Terror Attempt
Nov 24, 2010 New York, Atlanta Airports See No Impact from Scanner Protest

CBS News
New Airport X-Ray Too Revealing?
Friday, November 12, 2010 Muslim Group Advises Women Wearing Hijabs to Allow TSA ‘Enhanced Pat Downs’ Only on Head and Neck Area
Nov. 17, 2010 Senators and TSA Defend "Love Pats" at Airports
TSA Chief Admits Screenings are "Invasive" But Says They're Necessary to Stay Ahead of Terrorists' New, Non-Metallic Weapons
CBS New York
October 20, 2010 10:39 AM Pilot Refuses Full-Body Scan, Says TSA Doesn’t Make Travel Safer
October 29, 2010 7:15 PM Pat-Downs May Soon Become Norm At Airports

Chicago Tribune
November 14, 2010 Airport security: Government in our pants

ClickOrlando, Orlando, FL
Tuesday, November 23, 2010 Woman: TSA Agents Singled Me Out For My Breasts

May 24, 2005 Airport screeners could see X-rated X-rays
November 11, 2010 Backlash grows over TSA's 'naked strip searches'
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced that the federal stimulus legislation would pay for the purchase of hundreds of controversial full-body scanners."Through the Recovery Act, we are able to continue our accelerated deployment of enhanced technology as part of our layered approach to security at airports nationwide," Napolitano said at the time.  Since then, the number of scanners has roughly doubled since Napolitano's announcement and are now found in 68 U.S. airports, and the Transportation Security Administration says the controversial devices have proven to be a success. A growing number of airline passengers, labor unions, and advocacy groups, however, say the new procedures--a choice of full-body scans or what the TSA delicately calls "enhanced patdowns"--go too far...

November 12, 2010 Growing backlash against TSA body scanners, pat-downs
November 12, 2010 Airport body-scan radiation under scrutiny
November 15, 2010 TSA: Despite objections, all passengers must be screened
April 15, 2011 TSA security looks at people who complain about ... TSA security
January 5, 2010 Stimulus to bring body scanners to airports

U.S. Representative [R] Texas Ron Paul

Daily Mail (UK)
23rd November 2010 'We hate obese passengers and people with personal hygiene issues:' Now 'abused' TSA staff vent their anger at patdown searches

The Daily Paul
Thu, 11/18/2010 Naked Body Scanner Manufacturer's CEO Obama's Guest on Trip to India

The Dallas Morning News
Nov 09, 2010 Union president tells US Airways pilots to avoid body scanners


August 24, 2010 Full-Body Scan Technology Deployed In Street-Roving Vans
Nov. 14  2010 Full Frontal Nudity Doesn’t Make Us Safer: Abolish the TSA
Jul. 15 2011 Federal Court Rules That TSA ‘Naked Scans’ Are Constitutional

Fox News
November 20, 2010 Airport Security Protests Could Disrupt Holiday Travel
November 21, 2010 Clinton: TSA Should Try to Make Airport Screening Less Intrusive
November 23, 2010 TSA Spends Millions on Body Scanners, Sparking Competition Among Suppliers
...the two companies that supply the scanners to the TSA, L-3 Communications and Rapiscan Systems

Google News
Topic:  TSA
Wednesday 17 November 2010 Get your hands off me, TSA!
These airport so-called security measures amount to state-sponsored sexual harassment

Tue Nov 16, 2010 One Hundred Naked Citizens: One Hundred Leaked Body Scans
The Hawaii Reporter
Friday, April 15th, 2011 Hawaii, Other States, Form Caucus to Oppose TSA Intrusions
Tuesday, November 9, 2010 Flier Patience Wears Thin at Checkpoints

The Hill
January 8, 2010 Carville: Airport scanners can 'measure my penis'
11/17/10 Leader of TSA offers pat-downs to senators
11/21/10 Analyst: TSA methods 'will kill more Americans on highway'
11/23/10 Next step for body scanners could be trains, boats, metro

Human Events   
11/17/2010 Napolitano: The Ball's In My Court Now

The Independent (UK)
Sunday, 3 January 2010 Are planned airport scanners just a scam? Indianapolis
Nov 17, 2010 Man arrested after punching TSA screener in Indy
Friday, November 5, 2010 TSA Fondles Women and Children Refusing Airport Naked Body Scanners
November 9, 2010 TSA Rejects Airport Molestation Complaints
November 12, 2010 Big Sis Forced To Respond To Nationwide Revolt Against TSA
November 16, 2010 TSA Now Putting Hands Down Fliers’ Pants
November 19, 2010 Breaking: Former Gov. Ventura Will No Longer Fly Due to Abuse He’s Endured at Hands of TSA
November 23, 2010 Ron Paul: Crotch Groped by TSA, Calls for Boycott of Airlines
December 24, 2012 Ex-TSA Screener: Officers “Laughing” At Your Naked Image DENVER, CO
April 15, 2011 Colorado man claims he was 'sexually assaulted' by TSA Saint Louis, MO
November 18, 2010 Woman says her Lambert security screening was sexual assault

    KYW (radio)
       May 16, 2005 TSA Moves Ahead With 'Peekaboo' X-Ray Machines
Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, CA
November 13, 2010 L.A. food stylist pulled from flight for 'Atom Bomb' tattoo
November 23, 2010 Poll finds 61% oppose new airport security measures

Las Vegas Tribune, Las Vegas, NV
McCarran is chosen as a weapon-detection test site

Miami Herald, Miami, FL
Monday, 11.22.10 TSA chief admits he withheld information on pat-downs

11/20/2010 TSA pat-down leaves traveler covered in urine
'I was absolutely humiliated,' said bladder cancer survivor
Article includes a table of "Scanner deployment" by airport
11/22/2010 TSA workers face verbal abuse from travelers

MyFox NY
Thursday, 23 Sep 2010 Italy To Abandon Airport Body Scanner Project
Friday, 15 Jul 2011 Woman Gropes TSA Agent's Breast at Security Checkpoint

MyFox DC, Washington, DC
Tuesday, 23 Nov 2010 TSA Advertises Open Jobs On Pizza Boxes

Dec 28, 2009 Better airport scanners delayed by privacy fears
Nov 15, 2010 Scanners and pat-downs upset airline passengers
Nov 17, 2010 Feds holding firm on intrusive airport security
Nov 22, 2010 Security protest could disrupt Thanksgiving travel
Nov 23, 2010 TSA: Some gov't officials to skip airport security

National Journal
Tuesday, November 16, 2010 TSA, Pilots Weigh Biometric System for Airport Screening

Wed, Dec 30, 2009 O'Hare to Get Full Body Scanners

Sat, Aug 7, 2010 Coming Soon: Body Scanners at JFK, Newark, LaGuardia

NBC San Diego
Nov 22, 2010 Passenger Chooses Strip-Down Over Pat-Down

New York Times
Tuesday November 2, 2010 Opt Out of a Body Scan? Then Brace Yourself
Friday, October 22nd 2010 Body scanners unveiled at JFK Airport; Homeland Security Sect. Janet Napolitano doesn't volunteer
Wednesday, December 8th 2010 Khloe Kardashian: Going through airport security is like being raped in public

New Jersey Senate: Senator Mike Doherty (R-23)
November 12, 2010 NJ lawmakers to urge congressional review of procedures, reports of abuse...
Friday, November 5, 2010 TSA Fondles Women and Children Refusing Airport Naked Body Scanners
November 8, 2010 World’s Pilots Reject Naked Body Scanners Over Radiation Danger, Privacy Breach
Thursday, November 11, 2010 Drudge Stirs National Debate On TSA Abuse
...national opt out day on November 24...
Monday, November 15, 2010 TSA Caves On Molesting Pilots
Wednesday, November 17, 2010 TSA Hit With Lawsuits As Revolt Explodes
November 22, 2010 TSA Searches: Are Trains and Subways Next?

November 19, 2010 Gloria Allred On TSA Pat-Down: "I Liked It"
November 22, 2010 Rush Limbaugh Rails Against TSA's "Fondling"

Reuters (via Yahoo! news)
January 7, 2010 Obama aide to meet allies on airport security
Thu Nov 11, 2010 Pilots and passengers rail at new airport patdowns
Nov 12, 2010 Are new security screenings affecting your decision to fly?
Sun Nov 21, 2010 UPDATE 2-US has no plans to retreat from traveler patdowns

Richmond Times-Dispatch
Friday, December 31, 2010 Charlottesville man protests airport security, is arrested

San Francisco Chronicle
November 16, 2010 TSA pats down a screaming toddler

The Schnitt Show
Monday, November 22, 2010 Airport Security Measures Spark Unusual Passenger Reaction
Listener snaps pic of man stripping

Sun Sentinel Fort Lauderdale, FL
November 20, 2010 $11,000 fine, arrest possible for some who refuse airport scans and pat downs

November 23, 2010 Scientist Says He Found Alternative to TSA Body Scanners Four Years Ago
Essentially, the solution would distort images captured by full-body scanners, rendering any concealed weapons clearly visible without blatantly revealing a passenger's body. (The TSA's scanners, by contrast, typically reveal a scan of the passenger's naked body.) "It's probably a few weeks' modification of the program," he said. "It's like changing the video card in your computer. They just strip out all the coding and put the very simple algorithm in."
November 10, 2010 Group Plans National Opt-Out Day to Protest Airport Security

United States House of Representatives
November 17, 2010 Duncan Blasts TSA Pat-Downs, Body Scanners

USA Today
May 15, 2005 Airports roll out high-tech security
May 16, 2005 Air travelers stripped bare with X-ray machine
March 4, 2010 Body scanners are headed to 11 major airports
October 29, 2010 Updated 11/2/2010 Airport screeners get more aggressive with pat-downs
                                      Screeners touch passengers' breasts, genitals...
November 14, 2010 Napolitano: Scanners are safe, pat-downs discreet
November 16, 2010 Napolitano 'open' to fliers' gripes over screening
November 22, 2010 Body-scanner makers spent millions on lobbying
March 11, 2011 TSA to retest airport body scanners for radiation

Wall Street Journal
NOVEMBER 18, 2010 Will Turkey Day Fliers Cry Foul?

Washington Examiner
November 12, 2010 'Naked scanners': Lobbyists join the war on terror
November 15, 2010 Amid airport anger, GOP takes aim at screening

Washington Post
Saturday, October 30, 2010 Full-body scanners installed at Dulles
Saturday, November 13, 2010 Airport 'pat-downs' cause growing passenger backlash
November 17, 2010 TSA administrator says his own pat-down was 'thorough'
Friday, December 31, 2010 As frustration grows, airports consider ditching TSA

The Washington Times
Tuesday, November 16, 2010 EDITORIAL: Big Sister's police state
TSA's tyrannical tactics threaten American freedoms
11.15.12 3:44 PM Maker of Airport Body Scanners Suspected of Falsifying Software Tests

Nov 19, 2010 Cancer surviving flight attendant forced to remove implant during pat-down

WDBO Central Florida
November 18, 2010 Sanford Airport to opt out of TSA screening

wfmy news 2
Backscatter X-Ray Images Orlando, FL
December 8, 2010 OIA Considers Dumping TSA Screeners

WJBK Fox 2 Detroit, MI
Monday, 22 Nov 2010 Michigan Man Left Covered in Own Urine following TSA Pat-Down

WLS-TV Chicago, IL
Tuesday, November 09, 2010 Pilots' unions oppose full-body scans, searches

11/18/2010 Enhanced pat down leaves Grand Rapids airline passenger in tears

November 11, 2010 TSA checkpoints: Real-life horrors
'Security is one thing, license to molest people is another'
...The options now are to have a full-body scan that essentially produces a nude image of the passenger or opt out of that procedure and endure a full-hands-on body pat-down that includes private parts...
November 22, 2010 Spreadin' the glove: TSA infecting U.S.?
Latex coverings 'have been in crotches, armpits, touching people who may be ill'

Yahoo News
(AP) November 21, 2010 TSA has met the enemy — and they are us
(AP) November 23, 2010 Full-body scanners popping up at courthouses
This article insists that the images aren't stored on a computer.  Yeah, right.
Nov. 24, 2010 CAIR: Muslim Group Updates Travel Advisory for Holiday Weekend

The Yeshiva World News
Thursday, November 18th, 2010 EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: NYC Legislators Seek Ban On Full Body Scanners In New York

November 10, 2010 Meg McLain Singled out by the TSA, Cuffed to a Chair, Her Ticket Ripped up
November 13, 2010 TSA Screening, Terminal 2, SAN, Nov. 13, 2010
November 14, 2010 Nude Protest: Airport Body Scanners in Germany
November 16, 2010 TSA's enhanced security spurs US 'airport rage'
November 17, 2010 Rep. Duncan Blasts TSA "Pat Downs," Scanners on House Floor
November 19, 2010 Young Boy strip searched by TSA
November 19, 2010 Airport Security TSA - Longest line ever!
November 24, 2010 TSA Speedo Protester

Backscatter X-Ray Images:


    From U.S. FDA (Powerpoint) (PDF)

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