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"Give with a free hand, but give only your own."
 -- J.R.R. Tolkien The Children of Hurin

"Thou Shall Not Steal"

With these four little words, the foundation of all laws of man is established.

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Irresponsible and negligent
"That's irresponsible" they can say with disgust, yet never have to define exactly what they mean.  Sounds bad, whatever "irresponsible" thing was done, but was it wrong?  Was it illegal?  Or, was it just unpopular?  Perhaps even more offensive, was it politically incorrect?

Assault on the "American way of life"
The terrorists have won.  They have destroyed the legacy of the "American way of life" that so many thousands of our soldiers died for in World War II.

The Automobile and Personal Transportation
Personal transportation, especially the automobile, has provided people with unprecidented freedom while forcing competition for labor.  This has lead to the marvelous standard of living that most industrialized countries enjoy today.  However, this fact has not been lost on those that seek to enslave the nations in collectivism (and its daughters communism, socialism, fascism).  Often in the name of "safety" and safety by "protecting the environment", the call to eliminate this essential freedom goes out.  There has been a plethora of bad press for the SUV (sports/utility vehicle), and as one popular song of 2005 puts it "...her SUV is now the enemy."  In Europe, even obtaining a driver's license is a laborious task likened to a college course with expenses to match.  Could the average person in that part of the world, trying to dig themselves out of poverty, affort the time and expense?  Also, the price of fuel in much of Europe has been artificially inflated because of heavy taxation.  It is said that in England, 90% of the cost of fuel is tax.

The elites of the world would love to get the unwashed masses off the roads, leaving them open to themselves.

Avoiding risk at the cost of advancement
People must take risks in order to advance.  If your fellow man prevents you from taking risks of your own choosing, in the name of protecting you, or, since he was so "generous" with everyone else's money that all must pay insurance for maintaining your wellbeing, keeping his insurance costs down, then you are not free.  All of society will suffer because every once in a while, some wild roll of the dice pays off, and a tremendously valuable innovation results.

We must allow people to be responsible for themselves.  This means that they get to follow their heart's desires, make choices, and deal with the consequences.  God has given man a free will.  This means man is allowed to make bad choices and suffer eternal consequences.

Feminization of soceity
Men think of their labor in much the same way as women think of their bodies in that a man believes at a deep level that his labor belongs to him only:  No one has a right to it.  He trades his labor with whom he needs to, and gives it to those he wishes.  No other person's "need" creates in him an obligation to give away his labor.  Yet the feminization, or the de-masculination of Western society has caused men's labor to become community property.  The "need" of all children requires that men become slaves, if even only for part of each day, to serve what women need.  Women want to be taken care of, and the government has been transformed to take on this role of provider.  They want their children to be taken care of.  They don't care who does it.  They think that all men should take care of all children regardless of who the father actually is, or if the woman took it upon herself to have the child knowing and agreeing that it is totally her decision, and that the father won't be held responsible.  She'll just change her mind if she thinks she needs to.

The idea that a man should own his labor, that no one has a right to it, will grate on the feminist mind.  They will not allow themselves to understand this.  Perhaps they can not.  They want all men to provide for all women and their children.  Yet a man only wants to provide for his own family, his own wife, his own children.  He does not want to provide a better life to the offspring of his rivals, and certainly not for the spawn of men who won't provide for their own.  He does not want his resources to be confiscated and used to benefit other children who will later compete with his children.  He wants to give his children the best chance at dominating.  Perhaps a married woman will begin to know this in her soul when she sees her husband slaving while her children--his children--do without and the children of other women prosper.

To take a man's labor by force or deception is to violate him.  It is rape.  But the feminist pleads "for the children's sake", forgetting that the best thing that can be done for any child is to make the world a better place for the adults they will become.  Enslaving any human being for any time is a violation of their very humanity.  This does not make the world a better place for adults, nor for their children.

Use of Law Enforcement to Raise Revenue
Using law enforcement officers to raise revenue betrays the public trust.  This leads to mistrust of all law enforcement where the people believe that widespread corruption is the prime motivator of the police and courts, not protecting the public.  The most common example of the use of law enforcement to raise revenue for the government is the "speed trap", and now the automated cameras to catch people speeding or running red lights.  All money from fines for such offenses should go to project where no one, no organization that has any control of the writing of the laws or their enforcement has any posibility of benefitting.

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You shall not take that which belongs to another.

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