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"Give with a free hand, but give only your own."
 -- J.R.R. Tolkien The Children of Hurin
- Constructivism -
(Why things go wrong and how to make them right.)

I have nothing to sell you but hope, and that I give you for free.

Why the mess:

All of the world's man-made problems stem from one great evil:  Theft.  What do I mean by "theft"?  Theft is stealing, that is, taking the property of another person by force, stealth, or deceit.  There are a great many people who have no problem with stealing from others.  Many of them have wiggled their way into governments and have found ways to institutionalize theft.  But it is still wrong, even if it is legal, and it is what is destroying Western civilization, and it is what keeps many peoples and cultures impoverished in the rest of the world.  Whenever you take something that belongs to someone else without their consent, that is theft.

Theft enhances the life of the thief to some degree, but diminishes everyone else, especially the victim.  Goods, services-- labor-- is consumed without any production to contribute back to the economy.

Honest trade is NOT theft.  Fulfilling contracts made between mentally sound people where there is full disclosure is not theft.  Taking advantage of someone's ignorance, a child, the mentally handicapped, an old person with dementia, or a deseprate person; that is theft. 

Examine any man-made problem, and ultimately it will distill down to someone stealing something from someone else.

Interestingly, you find that the common characteristic of all Liberal, Progressive, or Socialist ideas is that something belonging to one person or group of people will be taken by stealth, deceit, or force, and given to another person or group.  Since theft is the root of all evil, such ideas will inevitably lead to suffering, death and disaster.

Many of the banking practices common today are institutionalized theft.  Banks can create money by making an entry in a leger book, loan it out, and demand payment-- all without performing any productive, contributing labor.  Sweet deal, eh?  Governments can print more money, inject it into the economy to pay for government largess without performing any productive, contributing labor whatsoever.  It is a sophisticated confidence job, a deception designed to syphon the fruits of your labor from you without your consent, nor even your knowlege, if they can get away with it.

If governments could produce goods and services, there would never be any need for taxation.  Throughout history, all that would be necessary to pay for the operation of government would be to produce those goods and perform those services and sell them to the farmers, blacksmiths, factory workers, fishermen, loggers, carpenters, chemists, truckdrivers, retail clerks, janitors, cooks, and all the other people who do productive things.  But governments can't.  They must take the labor from the productive class, the "makers", and give it to the people who do work for the government.  Government is necessary to protect the country, and keep the peace between the people.  It is NOT the government's job to do the work of charities.

What belongs to you?

Your life.
You exist for your own sake.  You do not exist for society, the government, the state, the king, your next door neighbor-- no one.  You have the right to choose your responsibilities.  Anything forced on you is a form of slavery.

You will often hear people disparage the actions of another by saying, "that's irresponsible!"  To say that first assumes that there is some sort of standard of responsibility that the offender is not living up to.  It also subtly implies that all men are responsible for all other men, and therefore, all men exist for the sake of other men.

You are not responsible for anyone else.  You do not exist for the sake of any other person.  You exist for your own sake.  You are responsible only for yourself, and those other people you choose to take on the responsibility for. It is often in your best interest to take action to ensure the health and safety of others, but only if this is done of your own free will without coercion.

Do not conflate (confuse) respecting the rights of other people with being "responsible".

Your labor.
Your labor comes from your body:  from your muscle and brain.  You own your body and all that procedes out of it.  It is unequivocally a violation of the laws of God, man and nature that any man should be forced to labor for another.  That is slavery and ultimately, God will punish those who exploit their fellow man because you are stealing from him.

No one has the right to the labor of another, nor the things produced by it.

Your freedom.

Your liberty

Your pursuit of prosperity

Your thoughts and ideas
... until you express them.  Then they enter the public domain, and anyone can copy them since copying your thoughts and ideas does not deprive you of them.  This is not to say that we cannot make laws to encourage inventors and creative people by granting temporary, time-limitted monopolies so that people can benefit from their creativeness and industriousness.

Can one decline to enter society?  Is that a choice we have?  If we can not go to some place to be outside of society, then does society owe us something?

Progressives, Liberals, socialists, communists, get around the guilt of stealing by rationalizing that everything belongs to the king, society, government, etc., or that some crime was committed and therefore some portion of the things that belong to you are forfeit.  In fact, they say that people exist for the the sake of society.  People belong to society, so just like a slave, everything they own, everything they do, the blood, sweat, muscle and tears of man belong to society, so the government can take what it wants and do with it whatever it want.

Punishment for committing a crime can involve forfeiting some or all of your belongings, freedoms, or even your life; but laws should never be established or selectively enforced for the sole purpose of taking things from others.  This is the very heart of "institutionalized theft".

Your rights, your responsibilities:

While it is true you have the right to your life, liberty, property, chance to prosper, freedom, thoughts; while no one has the right to place obligations on you without your consent, there are things you must choose to do because they are in your own best interest.  You must be charitable.  You must help your fellow man with wisdom and discernment so that your generosity becomes a blessing, not just
[an enablement] of a destructive lifestyle.  You must restrict your actions to preserve the rights and wellbeing of others.  But the difference here is that these things are all done by your own choice, never being forced upon you by another man.  Your responsibilities and obligations to your fellow man are your choice as a free human being, not as a slave, chattle, the property of someone else.

The dilemma of abandoned property:

(adverse possession of land?)


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