From the United States of America:
"Give with a free hand, but give only your own."
 -- J.R.R. Tolkien The Children of Hurin
Serving Mankind since June 28, 2000

- Constructivism II -

Correctivism:  The philosophical belief that property can only be legitimately transferred from one owner to another by honest trade, and that doing so by deceit, force or stealth against the owner's will is always theft, and will always cause unforeseen negative consequences.  Further, any policy, law or rule adopted by a government that violates the basic tenant of Correctivism is immoral, unjust, unfair, abusive, and exploitative.

Correctivist:  A person who has adopted Correctivism.

Most governments have adopted socialism as a means of winning the support of people who have not taken God's Laws into their hearts, and routinely disregard the spirit of the command:  Thou shall not steal.  Thus, theft has been institutionalized, and sin has been adopted as standard practice. Liberalism, socialism, Marxism, collectivism, fascism, communism, and progressivism cannot stand in the light of these four little words.  All of these "isms" cannot exits if people will not accept theft.  But how do you dispense with God's law without dispensing with God?  Can't be done.  So, you have to destroy God in the minds of men.  Sear the consciences of men with repeated calls for depravity and selfishness and at some point they will have no need for God.  No God, no Law of God, and anything goes.  Theft can be rationalized and even extolled as a virtue.

The danger is that theft always has consequences, even if unintended or unforeseen.  Theft destroys.  Theft destroys initiative, and often, those who think they are benefiting from the theft of others' possessions actually become the victims, especially in the case of institutionalized theft.  For example, does anyone really think that the rich man will allow his standard of living to fall if the government takes money from him to buy votes?  It won't happen.  There have always been rich men and there always will be.  Rich men are those who are able to effectively and efficiently organize the activities of other men for some productive purpose.  They are leaders and motivators.  They will not suffer to live a lifestyle of those they lead.  And those they lead never expect their leaders to live as they do.  It is part of the nature of man that has always been and will always be.  To deny this is to deny reality or attempt to deceive.

Those that are in positions of leadership who seek to advance any of the Progressive philosophies know very well what reality is, but they believe that by leading the uneducated masses to socialism, like a Judas goat leads the sheep to the slaughterhouse, they will be in secure positions of control and wealth while the masses slave, sweat and labor.  It is true that the elite do very well under communism, Marxism, socialism and the like.  The common people never do.  It is a fraud and exploitation.