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RF (Radio Frequency)

Finally, evidence that cellphone radiation may be GOOD for you
LA Times January 6, 2010  3:01 pm
Poor cellphones. They get blamed for causing brain tumors, reducing bone density, prompting headaches and dizziness, and more. Though most rigorous research has exonerated the phones (not to mention the laws of physics), many people remain unconvinced.
Now comes a study from the University of South Florida that links cellphones to Alzheimer’s disease. But there’s a twist: The researchers found that radiation from the phones protected mice from the disease, and might even reverse the symptoms...
Cell Phone Exposure May Protect Against and Reverse Alzheimer's Disease
ScienceDaily (Jan. 7, 2010)
..."It surprised us to find that cell phone exposure, begun in early adulthood, protects the memory of mice otherwise destined to develop Alzheimer's symptoms," said lead author Gary Arendash, PhD, USF Research Professor at the Florida ADRC. "It was even more astonishing that the electromagnetic waves generated by cell phones actually reversed memory impairment in old Alzheimer's mice."...The researchers showed that exposing old Alzheimer's mice to electromagnetic waves generated by cell phones erased brain deposits of the harmful protein beta-amyloid, in addition to preventing the protein's build-up in younger Alzheimer's mice... The highly-controlled study allowed researchers to isolate the effects of cell phone exposure on memory from other lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise. It involved 96 mice, most of which were genetically altered to develop beta-amyloid plaques and memory problems mimicking Alzheimer's disease as they aged. Some mice were non-demented, without any genetic predisposition for Alzheimer's, so researchers could test the effects of electromagnetic waves on normal memory as well.
Both the Alzheimer's and normal mice were exposed to the electromagnetic field generated by standard cell phone use for two 1-hour periods each day for seven to nine months. The mice didn't wear tiny headsets or have scientists holding cell phones up to their ears; instead, their cages were arranged around a centrally-located antenna generating the cell phone signal. Each animal was housed the same distance from the antenna and exposed to electromagnetic waves typically emitted by a cell phone pressed up against a human head.
If cell phone exposure was started when the genetically-programmed mice were young adults -- before signs of memory impairment were apparent -- their cognitive ability was protected...

Could Your Cell Phone Help Shield You From Alzheimer's?
WEDNESDAY, Jan. 6 (HealthDay News via Yahoo! news)
Cell phone addicts of the world, listen up: Electromagnetic waves emanating from these ubiquitous gadgets may prevent or even reverse Alzheimer's disease, researchers say.

Normal mice who had long-term exposure to such electromagnetic waves avoided developing Alzheimer's, while mice who were already sick started getting better, scientists report in the Jan. 6 issue of the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease...

Cellphone Radiation May Thwart Alzheimer's
01/07/10 2:02 PM PT
After years of controversy over whether cellphone radiation might cause cancer, scientists have reached the startling conclusion that it might actually cure Alzheimer's disease. Young mice exposed to long-term radiation equivalent to human cellphone use of a couple of hours a day were protected from Alzheimer's, and memory function was restored in old mice already afflicted.

This is very interesting. In a microwave oven, the RF energy basically causes the water and fat molecules to shake mechanically in order to cause heat. It doesn't break chemical bonds. It's often referred to as "non-ionizing radiation".

However, I would be hesitant to expose my head to this sort of radiation on purpose. If something has the ability to be helpful, it also has the ability to be harmful, or vice-versa.

I should explain the connection to microwave ovens. It is thought that the frequency and power levels in the radio frequency (RF) transmitting devices being discussed only causes heating of materials. Microwave ovens are a good example of this effect. The RF energy is converted into heat in the food, and that is all. When the oven shuts off, no "radiation" remains. Just heat. We may jokingly say things like we're going to "nuke the popcorn", but that's just a phrase.

Also, microwave ovens are pretty good at confining the RF energy inside the oven. Unless the door is damaged. To be safe, I don't stand too close to the door when heating things. No need to inadvertently cook some body part.

It is assumed that for the heating effect, there is nothing special about the frequency being used, other than considerations for interference with other radio communication services, and the costs involved with the equipment.

The energy levels of hand-held communications devices is much much less than microwave ovens, radar transmitters, radio and TV broadcast transmitters, or even cell phone towers.

At the beginning of the 20th century, there was a fight between Thomas Edison and the Westinghouse company over the power generation and distribution technology. Edison's empire was built around the use of "direct current" (DC) electricity. Westinghouse was promoting Nikola Tesla's "alternating current" system. Radio frequency radiation is the same idea, but at a much much higher frequency. Edison produced a lot of propaganda trying to scare people away from using the Westinghouse system. I think that echos of that propaganda can still be heard today, even though few realize where it started.

Accidental discoveries are often the most important ones. I mean, these guys were trying to prove that cell phone use was unhealthy. Instead, they found something completely different.

Here I'm going to deviate from my normal position of "what do you have to lose", and advise caution on this one. BUT... the equipment to do this is readily available, not too expensive, and well... probably no more harmful than having a cell phone plastered to the side of your face for two 1hr periods every day. Of course, if you consider the size of a mouse to that of a man, well, maybe the field strengths (which translate into power levels required by the transmitter at whatever distance from the antenna you are) have to be a bit more. Still, this is easily in reach. For those interested in pursuing this further, you could look to amateur radio (ham radio) dealers for transmitting equipment.

Now, as to why it might work.  If the only effect that non-ionizing RF radiation like this has on tissue is to create heat by shaking water and fat molecules, perhaps the biochemical process that leads to amyloid beta plaque formation is very heat sensitive.  Perhaps even the slight heating cause by the exposure to this RF is enough to prevent the plaque formation.

An interesting connection may also be to "hyperphosphorylation of the tau protein".  As I understand it, these mice they use for these AD experiments do not form the tau tangle characteristic of human Alzheimer's disease.  I could be wrong.  But it was found that anesthesia-induced hypothermia can cause tau hyperphosphylation.  Maybe the heating of the RF prevents this.  It will be interesting to find out.

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