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- Porphyromonas Gingivalis -

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Earlier, there were reports of literature research out of Switzerland that found
a correlation between people who had Alzheimer's disease in life and the
presence of spirochetes in their brains upon autopsy. As far as I can tell,
Porphyromonas gingivalis is not a spirochete, but is one of the bacteria
involved with periodontal diseases, just as some spirochetes are
(e.g. Treponema denticola).

As for how to reduce the population of these critters, try doing a search on
green tea or brushing your teeth with baking soda.

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Chew on this: Fewer teeth linked with worse memory
By Bahar Gholipour
Published July 26, 2013

Bacteria in Brains Suggests Oral Hygiene Role in Alzheimer’s (1)
By Kristen Hallam July 30, 2013

...Signs of the bacterium, known as Porphyromonas gingivalis, were found in four out of 10 samples of brain tissue from Alzheimer’s patients, while no signs of the bug were found in 10 brains from people of similar age who never developed dementia, according to the results of the study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease...



The findings by a team at the University of Central Lancashire are reported in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

The team has also confirmed in animals that P. gingivalis in the mouth finds its way to the brain.




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