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General Information:

This is a list of supplements and prescription medications that my dad is taking. He was officially diagnosed with multi-infarct dementia. His symptoms appear to improve with this regimen. Perhaps this combination of supplements helps tauopathies like Alzheimer's disease and corticobasal degeneration. Other people will have to adjust quantities and frequency as needed.


Meds & Supplements List as of 7/28/2013:


Asparagus Extract                    170mg   1x per day, evenings [To fight UTIs]
Cinnamon w/chromium pic.(Cassia)     1000mg  2x per day, mornings
Cinsulin (water extract of cinnamon) 500mg   1x per day, evenings
Coffee (caffeinatated)               1 cup   3x (minimum) per day
Colloidal Silver (~10 ppm)           1 oz    1x per day, mornings as needed [UTIs]
CoQ10                                100mg   1x per day [Qunol liquid, 2 tsp,or capsule]
Curcumin (regular)                   500 mg  1x per day, mornings
D-Mannose                           ~500 mg  2x per day, mornings, evenings
Green tea (water extract)            500 mg  2x per day, mornings, evenings
Krill Oil (MegaRed)                  300mg   1x per day, mornings
Longvida Curcumin                    1500mg  1x per day [3 500mg capsules in p.m.]
Magnesium                            250 mg  1x per day mornings [prevent kidney stones]
MCT Oil / Coconut Oil               ~1.5oz   2x per day [50% MCT oil/50% Coconut oil
                                                         and liquid lecithin emulsifier]
Myricetin                            100mg   2x per day
Resveratrol                          260mg   1x per day [TrueNature brand from Costco]
Tri-B (B6/Folic acid/B-12)           20mg/800µg/400µg 1x per day, mornings [Carlsen]
Vitamin B12 (methyl)                 1000mcg 1x per day
Vitamin D                            1200 IU 1x per day

Suspended Supplements

Anatabine 1mg 2x per day [Suspended 12/2012 due to UTI]
Bromelain 500mg 1x per day [To fight UTIs][Suspended 2/2015]
Fisetin 100mg 2x per day
Grape Seed Extract 100mg 1x per day [TrueNature brand from Costco]
Vitamin E 1x per day [Suspended 12/2012 to reduce pill count]

Prescription Medications*

Enalapril/HCZ* 1x per day
Glimeperide* 1x per day [Discontinued per physician 2/2015]
Metformin* 1000mg 2x per day
Vitamin B1* 1x per day

[NOTE July 28, 2015 This section needs to be updated]

* Prescribed by his physician to treat other conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

However, Metformin may promote neurogenesis (self-repair of the brain).

Supplement Rationale:

B-12 (methyl B-12)  Metformin known to reduce absorption of B12
Cinnamon            Type II diabetes, tau, cholesterol
Cinsulin            (water extract of cinnamon) Type II diabetes, tau
Coconut/MCT oil     (50%/50% mix) Address glucose hypometabolism by providing ketones
                                  (e.g. Axona)
Colloidal Silver    (10ppm) antimicrobial
CoQ10               Heart muscle function (from Dr. Stephen Sinatra’s book)
Curcumin            (regular) Blood pressure, amyloid-β
D-Mannose           Prevents e. coli from sticking in urinary tract
Fish Oil            (or krill oil) Combat diabetic nerve loss, heart muscle function
Green Tea           (water extract) EGCG may inhibit alpha-synuclein and amyloid-β fibrils
Longvida Curcumin   amyloid-β
Myricetin           May address tau, alpha-synuclein corruption

This regimen is essentially a combination of the regimens used by Dr. Newport and Sharon Comden. Medications and supplements prescribed by his physician are not necessarily part of the regimen, but are listed for completeness and in case they have some unintended effect.

The MCT/Coconut Oil mixture is typically mixed with 3oz of Mott's Strawberry apple sauce, Jello Brand chocolate pudding, about a cup of chili con carne (evenings), or a cup of V8 (room temp V8 works best for mixing).  For liquids, shaking them works better than stirring. For the apple sauce and pudding, they must be refrigerated for best results. Stir the mixture with a small whisk about 30 beats. Mix the oil with whatever makes it go down the easiest.

Another carrier for the oil that works surprisingly well is simple orange juice.  The trick is to shake it, not stir it... just as James Bond would say.  It is sort of like oil and vinegar or Italian salad dressing.  It needs to be shaken occasionally to keep things mixed.  I use about 4-5 oz of Florida Natural OJ (no pulp-- just my preference).  Pour in the 1.5 oz (1 "shot") of MCT/coconut oil mix, then shake.  I will add the D-mannose since it is sweet.  The curcumin can be added to the oil if necessary, but it is messy.  An empty Snapple bottle works well, as do the plastic "tumblers" from Tupperware with the lids (of course).

When he appears to have a urinary tract infection, I have seen some improvement by giving him asparagus supplements. I would rather give him fresh or canned asparagus, but he doesn't like it and won't eat it. When he has an infection of any sort, his cognitive abilities really suffer, even his ability to walk, get out of a chair, or even sit up when sitting on the side of a bed. I would prefer that his physicians treat him with antibiotics, but convincing the nursing home staff or the "medical professionals" that his worsening symptoms are caused by an infection and not from progression of dementia is a challenge. They usually don't believe me until he starts throwing up his breakfast.

An infection can overpower the otherwise salubrious effects of any supplement regimen, and give you the false impression that they don't work.


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