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- Chitosan (water-soluble, Chitosan oligosaccharide) -

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Inhibitory effect of high molecular weight water-soluble chitosan on hypoxia-induced inflammatory cytokine production.

It says that that WSC (water-soluble chitosan) inhibited "TNF-alpha". I assume there is a "TNF-beta", etc. What brand of TNF does etanercept inhibit?

Interestingly, they used desferrioxamine (desferral) to create the elevated levels of TNF. But, other researchers in Canada have used desferral to arrest the progression of AD. So, *there's* a puzzle...

Desferral is used primarily as a powerful iron chelator, on the same order as phytic acid (IP6).

This research was done in Japan. I wonder if WSC is available in the US?


From the Alz.org message board "Medications/Treatments for Alzheimer's and Other Related Dementias":

Posted July 23, 2008 01:43 PM
After very extensive review of nearly everything out there for treatment of AD, I have come to the conclusion that water-soluble chitosan (WSC) is the only non-drug "supplement" out there that targets TNF. Let me say that again...WSC targets TNF in the brain. Because it appears to be safe, has never been linked to shell-fish allergies (a topic addressed in the chitosan literature) is marketed in edible form, and is used as a general energy and anti-aging tonic, mostly in China, and has animal model AD research showing that it targets TNF in a manner similar to Enbrel, I think it is worthy of trying...

Sources???:  http://en.haidebei.com/newEbiz1/EbizPortalFG/portal/html/ProductInfoExhibit.html?ProductInfoExhibit_ProductID=c373e911f56523978f6e9d2e0a9b4fa4&ProductInfoExhibit_isRefreshParent=false



             This is a US supplier of water soluble chitosan.

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